Rep. Callton posts perfect voting record, nominated as MIRS House Lawmaker of the Year

State Rep. Mike Callton achieved a perfect voting record for the third year in a row, and was nominated as House Lawmaker of the Year by a nonpartisan news and analysis service located in Lansing.
Callton, R-Nashville, cast all 534 record roll call votes taking during House session in 2013, according to official vote tallies. In addition, Michigan Information & Research Service (MIRS) nominated Callton for House Lawmaker of the Year for his effectiveness on issues.

“The local voters put their faith in me to represent them in the Michigan Legislature, and that is why I am committed to being there for every vote,” Callton said. “I am humbled to be recognized, but I am just trying to work hard for the people of my district.”

Callton was also named Chiropractor of the Year for 2013 by the Michigan Chiropractic Association. As the first chiropractor elected to the state House, Callton has been able to help his colleagues understand issues from the perspective of a health care provider. His willingness to approach issues from a basis of common sense and respect for others is often praised in Lansing.